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Sport under the Christian Schools started to become more prominent and structured, as from 1991, when principals realized that one of the first questions often asked by prospective parents was: What do you offer in terms of sport and which organization do you belong to? 

Up to that point, the answer was always a bit vague and principals tried to avoid the question. 

Almost simultaneously, in 1991/92 a group of schools in Transvaal, under ACS (The Association of Christian Schools) and ACE in Natal, started to put structures in place to offer sport on a more organized basis.

Immediately the standard of sport picked up.

The organizations, ACS and ACE, then started to inter-act on a regular basis, especially in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.

Towards the end of 2000, the people responsible for organizing sport in these two organizations, et in Newcastle to discuss the future sport amongst Christian Schools. 

It was then decided to form an independent Sports Body, under the name SACSSA (The Southern African Christian Schools Sport Association).

This body would function totally dependent of either ACS or ACE, and will include as far as possible all Christian Schools in Southern Africa, who subscribe to the SACSSA Constitution and Sports Policy. 

Since the formation of SACSSA, the sports has really grown from strength to strength, and we currently service approximately 130 schools with approximately 10 000 pupils. 

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